Thursday, July 2, 2009

1914 Battle

Here are a few pics of a small game fought between 1914 Germans and French. The Germans are a mix of the new HaT early war figures and Emhar Franco-Prussians painted as early WW1. The French are HaT and the zouaves and other figures are Emhar Franco-Prussian war French.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st - Late War Scenario

Here are some pics of a game I recently played. It was a late war scenario involving a large Canadian attack on a ruined village protected by a line of trenches. Great fun - not so great photography...

The first two pics show the respective initial positions with three Mk IV tanks leading the way.

The next two show the German positions under a heavy initial bombardment that includes gas shells. The vast majority of Canadian troops are HaT 1/72 WW1 figures including my own favourite conversions, 2 units of Cameron highlanders.

The Canadians go over the top and make a dash for it before the German counter fire can range in on them. The casualties quickly mount as they cross No Man's Land and two of five officers are killed before the first line of trenches is reached.

The Canadians reach the front line trenches while the second wave advances. The Germans are a mix of Caesar, Revell and HaT heavy weapons teams as well as artillery.

Part two to follow...